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Acrylic Couture® is acrylic glass – in a completely new light: Intoxicating effects through extravagant inlays and artistic colour combinations. Whether luxurious, mystical, refined, graceful or spectacular – through the interplay of the finest acrylic glass and exclusive, selected materials that are made in Italy. Designs are created of unprecedented appearance, depth and magic.

The highlight for the senses is achieved through unique nanoparticles in the acrylic glass. In the presence of either natural or artificial light, this extraordinary material composition makes it possible to achieve intensely radiant effects and thereby create the perfect setting for shine & shimmer, light & shade, colours & shapes. Available in a selection of patterns and colours, and for endless projects for a stunning feature. Acrylic Couture® is comprised of the highest quality acrylic glass, it has been modified with special nanoparticles for the extremely efficient scattering and reflection of light. It also features cross-linked polymers for higher resistance to scratching.

Acrylic Couture® has a 30-year guarantee on UV resistance / weathering and a 100-year guarantee based on very high molecular density against polymer degradation.

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About Acrylic Couture